55 limited edition sideboard
Paris (FR)
3000 x 557 x 750 mm
 600 l
Design Team     
Giacomo Garziano, Daniele Colombati
 2017 June 1st, Paris (FR)

Zephyrus is a cabinet, the first piece of the modular furniture series designed by GG-loop.
The polymorphic nature of the sculptural furniture piece reflects the quality of the butterfly as a symbol of life as transformation. Its dynamism evokes the beauty and elegance of that transformation in a space.
As a butterfly, it is composed by a body and two wings: the main core of 3 drawers and two wings of 2 drop-front drawers each. Mirroring and rotation around the symmetric core create an ever transformable furniture piece. Recomposition of the modules allows to change the outline and experience of Butterfly as the direction of the apertures modifies with the rotation of the modules. ‘The Butterfly’ does not have a front and back, but rather two front sides that can be rearranged at wish and extended or reduced over time.

GG-loop amazed me from the very first moment with bold, extravagant form of their products, their aesthetic finish, the idea – on the one hand simple, the second a converted in such a way that it makes one curious. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of these creative people – and in particular presented on their site design arrangements.
Justyna Stasiewicz - jewelrydesign.pl