GG-loop presents our latest collaboration with No Water for Whales
We invited Juliana Gomez, director and founder, to read behind the esthetics of our sofa design.
What we explored is our inspiration based on the powerful message of sacred geometry, a tool very much investigated during the Renaissance times.

Evolving the Renaissance idea of man as the center of the Universe, the measure of all things, towards a more holistic approach GG-loop uses principles of sacred geometry in the design process. Spaces, products and buildings become an extension of the user, of nature, connecting all living organisms from the nano-scale to the Universe. The geometry of Vibrio the sofa is based on the symmetry of mandalas, cymatic imagery, the healing properties contained in the principles of sacred geometry. The inherent harmony of the form itself resonates with the space it inhabits and interacts, responds and questions its status quo to reflect the eternally transformative aspect of life. Its dynamism evokes the beauty and elegance of that transformation in a space.

More info at the link

Photos: Juliana Gomez
Animation: Luis Cascales
Music: “Basse dance – Dont Vient cela”- Tielman Susato
Model: Fina Anjou
Styling: Mafe Maldonado

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