the Stable Flow

Program    interior refurbishment
Client  Private

Year    2016
Location    Altamura (IT)
Area     120 sqm 
Design Team     Giacomo Garziano

In an existing building in Altamura, the task was to renovate the apartment on the 2nd floor, with the addition of a private elevator.
Due to technical reasons, the partition between zones stayed the same as the former configuration.
Division between private and public areas is nullified; permeation between active area and rest area is introduced in order to avoid useless dark corridors.
The connecting areas between closed rooms develop like a liquid from a source, which is obviously the entrance of the apartment: the liquid develops on a surface in the same way as the path of the lodger defines the connection between different spaces.
The walls, when necessary, enclose private spaces. The rest of the areas are fully connected, increasing possibility of diffusion of light and ventilation.
The furniture flows along the walls to increase the perception of fluidity.