the Seed of Time

Program    Opening event – immersive performance
Date    8.10-10-2015

Location    Altamura (IT)

Organizer  Elephants & Volcanoes
Management/Concept Giacomo Garziano

Management/Visuals Annika Kappner / The Wizard
Photography  Michael Sieber / The Wizard
Graphic Design Clovis Wieske / The King
Culinary Art Monica Kisic / The Queen
Sound performance Eric Maltz

Choreography Loïc Perela / The Chamberlain
Fashion design  Min Li
Video Director  Juliana Gomez


Pictures  Michael Sieber
Movie No Water for Wales


A seed, as it grows, impacts and alters the environment around it. It begins a process of growth that, through the very nature of the seed, bridges the past and the future.
The metaphor of the seed serves as the point of departure for an event that emerges out of a building that has been healed and protected by architectonic interventions; a building that holds within itself its past and future iterations simultaneously; a building that wants to alter and affect its enviornment. Just as seeds disperse themselves on the wind, The Seed of Time spreads the concepts inherent to the design process on an urban scale and extends them out to other artistic disciplines and movements.
Taking the form of an immersive experience, the event, through the use of different media, aims to stimulate all the senses. Visitors are guided through the sculptural space, moving from the exterior of the building into the interior. Culinary interventions, dance performances, light and sound effects, video projections, and costumes transport the visitor into a parallel reality where the past, present, and future are merged to alter perception and open new pathways of perspective. Parallel to the event, an exhibition takes place including information about the documentation of the event itself.
This interdisciplinary and multi-sensorial intervention aims for a change in consciousness through the act of creating and presenting novel forms of experience. Through a range of sensorial stimulations, the project as a whole aspires to generate awareness of our surroundings and the body on both macro and micro levels; reconnecting the visitors and participants with their own sense of self, with their own innate equilibrium. The project starts from the point of architecture, but through the participatory performance it provides different ways of seeing, extending ideas of other concepts; of ways of being, of ways of living, of ways of thinking.

Elephants and Volcanoes conceived The Seed of Time. As something of a gesamtkunstwerk, the immersive performance-based short-film employed the prowess of molecular cuisine, music, dance, visual arts, photography, fashion, graphic,
and industrial design to pose questions of use and domestic activity. With a political message, the film as looks to address the lack of new cultural interventions and progress in Italy.
Adrian Madlener - Tl magazine