the Infection

Program    Refurbishment / Interior design
Client  Rosa Giorgio, Cherubino Garziano

Year    2013-15
Location    Altamura (IT)
Area     50 sqm
Design Team     Giacomo Garziano, Matteo Garbagnati

Young Italian Architects 2016    Venice (IT) – presS/Tletter    1ST PRIZE

Inspireli Awards 2016   Prague (CZ) – Inspireli    1ST PRIZE
“Spectacular houses” HÄUSER Award 2017   Berlin (DE) – Häuser    SPECIAL MENTION

Partnership  Salice
Furniture  GG-loop in collaboration with mgarba

Main contractor/builder  Impresa Cannito Domenico
Electrical Installation  EURO IMPIANTI 2000 s.r.l. di Giorgio Antonio
Hydraulic installation Fiore Pietrantonio
Sound installation  Enzo Ciccimarra
Main supplier Centro Edile Quartarella
Window fixtures Casainfissi Debernardis

Pictures 1-12, 16 Michael Sieber
Pictures 13-15 Margherita Caldi

When a body is sick it changes equilibrium, any method applied to cure it is actually perceived by the body as causing an imbalance initially, as an infection itself. This project seeks to generate new life, recreate a positive equilibrium, in a long abandoned space. Based on the Voronoi diagram, the furniture spreads its cells along the walls of the apartment embracing and purifying the entire space.
This 2 rooms apartment is the first floor of a old complex built in the 50’s, made of typical local tuff stone. The architect Giacomo Garziano, also owner of the place, wanted to improve the quality of the space making the most of the beautiful 4 meters high vaulted ceiling by adding a mezzanine for the more private space of their bedroom.
The idea was to make the space as neat as possible, improving technologically installations and energy saving and add character by creating a complex system of furniture embedded in the apartment. A generative pattern made out of cells grows along the wall as a new plant, embracing the space. This system contains all the functions (storage, bookshelves, pantry, closet, wardrobe) of the house and improves acoustic performances.

Similar to the cells in a human body, the different spaces inside “The Infection” comprise a series of apparently random cell walls that not least due to warm, diffuse and atmospheric light create a purist atmosphere of calm and healing, to a certain extent resembling growing plants. Wounds begin to heal, regeneration kicks in, and the sufferers become more aware of themselves and their state of health, and consciously embark on the journey to recovery to regain strength and restore the balance of mind and body.
Jo-Eike Vormittag - Professional Lighting Design Magazine