Resonating Spaces

Program    Biotechnology Research
Year    2015-ongoing

Location    Amsterdam (NL)
Design Team     Giacomo Garziano, Daniele Colombati

Partnership  Waag Society

November 2016 – TEDx Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam (NL)
September 2016 – New Scientist Life, ExCeL, London (UK)
June 2015 – SONAR D+, Barcelona (ES)



The project originates in and will contribute to the field of architecture and design. The planned experiments combine the latest scientific breakthroughs in the fields of bio-tech and 3d-printing. The new materials and (building) techniques will influence new aesthetics and designs for architecture. Furthermore, we intend to address ethical issues related to sustainability of construction processes through the production of new organic building materials. We have built up knowledge and conducted preparatory experiments at the Bio-Hack Academy of the Waag Society in Amsterdam.

Through the study of the analogy between forms and patterns of sound and of nature, we are conducting experiments concerning a different mechanical way to stimulate matter. Petri dishes and flasks hosting different media for diverse kinds of bacteria, algae, kombucha or fungi are exposed to precise vibratory frequencies. Through the study of models in nature, prototypes of integrative, self-assembling, self- organizing architectonic structures are created. A 3D- printer is hacked to host this system and extrude agar based or bio plastic structures as a bone system.
This structures host colonies of bacteria, algae, kombucha or fungi to function as a membrane.
Sound as source of energy and matter on the smallest scale as vehicle of this energy can create harmonic structure propagating from atomic geometries to full scale living organisms.
Digital generative simulation together with 3D- printing prototyping can lead to three-dimensional harmonic architectural sequences.

Enjoy the VR experience of GG-loop and wander through the world of Italian scientist/architect Giacomo Garziano, who creates houses, furniture and objects inspired by and based on algorithms found in nature and music.
TED-EX - Amsterdam