Paris (FR)
2730 x 675 x H806 mm
 700 l
MDF and polyurethane
Design Team     
Giacomo Garziano, Daniele Colombati
 2022 June 6th, Milan (IT)
Exhibitions       2022
                             Milan Design Week – Roche Bobois flagship store (Italy)

                             Designer’s Days Paris (France)

The series of furniture created for Roche Bobois is inspired by the quality of the butterfly, a symbol of life as transformation. Its elegant and graceful dynamism evokes the beauty of that transformation, which conquers space through seemingly random movements, but dictated by precise predetermined orbits. Similarly, the modules of hexagonal prisms of Zephyrus and Polygonia are subjected to specific tension, controlled through innovative parametric design tools that dynamically redesign and recompose the furniture, capturing the attention and wonder of its user.
In 2022, the introduction of a new artwork evolves and completes the GG-loop series for Roche Bobois dedicated to the butterfly: Polygonia (Zephyrus). It is available in many colors and consists of 4 hexagonal prisms that reproduce the compositional principles of rotation and mirroring of its elder brother, Zephyrus, generating an ecstatic mediation between its elegant dance and the attentive observer.

Call it the DeLorean of sideboards. The multifaceted Zéphyrus, by Giacomo Garziano of GG-loop for Roche Bobois, nods to the enormous blue morpho butterfly of the Amazon and beyond. This one lifts its wings not to fly but to allow access to storage drawers, five in all. The lacquer-finished MDF piece is a rare specimen—only 55 are being produced, plus one designer proof—so catch it while you can.
Interior Design Magazine - NY