Ode 34’46.776” al Passante Impreparato

Program    Competition for Piazza Madonna dei Martiri – Altamura
Client  Municipality of Altamura

Year    2013
Location    Altamura (IT)
Area     450 sqm
Design Team     Giacomo Garziano

Partnership   Annika Kappner

Award  spetial mention

This historical site at the moment is little used because of the vehicular traffic. To convert this situation, we intended to create an intimate and spacious pedestrian area. Through street furniture that prevent traffic and parking, and a covered corridor originally inspired by the “Pergolato” of the nineteenth century, we create a protected area, interacting with the surrounding architectural space. A tent that recalls the “centrino”, typical domestic element of the local culture. Besides being a decorative element with a strong historical value, it saves the passersby from the scorching sun in summer.
At night, the lighting system integrated in the benches, creates a play of light that visually adds another layer to the square.
In this way, the unprepared passerby begins his visit to the city from Piazza Madonna dei Martiri.