MITOSIS: biophilic regenerative ecosystem, launches on 11|11|2020

The need for healthy homes has hardly ever been more apparent than during the current global condition. The current efforts to reduce the negative impacts of buildings are inadequate. Therefore, we need to start rethinking the way we design our built environment.

To bring regenerative collective habitation to all scales of development, GG-loop has developed Mitosis, a holistic biophilic ecosystem where dwellers experience a unique way of living and fulfil their innate desire to reconnect with nature.

The name Mitosis refers to the biological process of a single cell dividing itself into two identical daughter cells. It represents the modularity and the long-term adaptation of the system and serves as a metaphor for a flexible co-living organism where each residential unit coexist in symbiosis with all the others.

Our vision for Mitosis is to deepen the understanding of our relationship with Nature, to raise awareness and sensitize both professional and general public regarding the importance of biophilic architecture as an answer to the current climate condition.

In the following days we will gradually share our vision till the official launch on November 11th 2020. Stay tuned!


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