Program    multi-purpose refurbishment – Silos Zeeburgereiland
Year    2017
Location    Amsterdam (NL)
Area     9000 sqm
Phase     proposal
Design Team    Daniele Colombati, Gianmarco Daniele, Giacomo Garziano

As we love bikes and innovation, also in mobility, we made a proposal for the Bicycle Architecture Biennale powered by BYCS Amsterdam.
Being very close to our recent project Freebooter, the presence of the 3 abandoned silos on Zeeburgereiland has always inspired us.
We envisioned our own bike-centric solution to re-use the 3 concrete cylindrical voids. A mixed-use extension up to 40 meters high with a balanced program of education, leisure and culture combined with hotel, restaurants, cafes, offices and retails, in which the bike is a center point and the main means of interconnection throughout the whole complex.
A biophilic addition on top of the 3 silos contains most of the dedicated program and is reachable from the ground thanks to spiral bicycle paths that aim to preserve the current status of the silos and enhance the experience of the bike-riders throughout the only historical remains of the previously industrial area on Zeeburgereiland.

Our proposal is not meant to be realized but it is part of our ongoing research on new mobility, enriching a larger vision of biophilic urban ecosystems.
The 3 silos on Zeeburgereiland will be re-used soon thanks to the wonderful project by the studio Tank

“Our biophilic strategy invests also in new mobility. We believe that using bikes as daily mean of transportation is the way to go to create an impact. Not only it is beneficial for our bodies, but it has a low impact on each individual footprint. ”
Giacomo Garziano 
Giacomo Garziano - director at GG-loop