Source – Isola Design District – hosts our acoustic modular pavilion Ω for the Milan Design Week

In the framework of the event Lovely Waste organized by Source Firenze, Giacomo Garziano from GG-loop and Luca Alessandrini from Fibreacoustics present the innovative acoustic modular pavilion Ω.

Ω stands for Oxygen-18.
Oxygen was the main source of inspiration for the design.
“We aimed to create a versatile stage for the host and at the same time an immersive experience for the visitors.”
As oxygen molecules, the modular shells bond with each others forming a balanced variable ecosystem. They shift following a regular grid generated by the hexagonal tessellation of the space they inhabit.
All the materials used for the design are highly sustainable and recyclable: the easy-to-assemble modular pinewood gridshell is covered with recycled coconut and jute fibers, hardened with corn-starch-based bio-plastic and painted with water-based white paint.
The natural look gives the space a warm feel and improves its acoustics due to the porosity of the bio-material, enhancing the immersive cocoon-like experience.

Come and visit us!

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