Program    Dutch Innovation Experience – pavilion for Floriade 2022
Client    Floriade
Year    2021
Location    Almere (NL)
Area     600 sqm
Phase     competition entry
Design Team    
Giacomo Garziano, Daniele Colombati, Simone Piccolo, Maria Pachi

Partner Architect    Woonpioniers
Manufacturer    Fiction Factory
Engineer    TenTech
Material research    Teresa van Dongen
Landscape    The Dutch Wave
Footprint calculation    primum
Main contractor    kubik


Started in 1960, Floriade is a horticultural show held in the Netherlands once every 10 years. “How can you make a densely built city greener, funnier, liveable and sustainable?” This is the question Floriade tries to answer for the 2022 edition of Almere.

Our entrance to the pavilion responds to the brief with a biophilic approach: a completely biobased pavilion made up of 6 domes hosts 10 different exhibitors in an organic way integrating the exhibition with a typical landscape of the local wetlands.

The main structure is made up of a grid of wooden poles, intertwined with CNC milled joints. This structure is covered on the inside with a fabric of algae covered with mycelium. The facade / roof is covered with reed panels as in the local tradition.

“Green cities start with a landscape from which, generation after generation, biobased building materials can be harvested in a sustainable way”
Arthur van der Lee - Woonpioniers