We are proud to announce that Roche Bobois showcases Polygonia and Zephyrus together for the first time at the Designer’s Day in Paris.  See it for yourself from June 14th to 22nd. Roche Bobois, 207 boulevard Saint Germain, Paris.

Roche Bobois reveals a first at this year’s Designer’s Days in Paris. Zephyrus and Polygonia – two sculptural sideboards designed by Giacomo Garziano – are showcased in a creative setting by origami artist Clotilde Gries Créations Papier.
The series of furniture created for Roche Bobois is inspired by the quality of the butterfly, a symbol of life as transformation. Its elegant and graceful dynamism evokes the beauty of that transformation, which conquers space through seemingly random movements, but dictated by precise predetermined orbits. Similarly, the modules of hexagonal prisms of Zephyrus and Polygonia are subjected to specific tension, controlled through innovative parametric design tools that dynamically redesign and recompose the furniture, capturing the attention and wonder of its user.
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Photos below: Atelier Mai 98

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