Program    cheese store – interior design
Client  Caseificio Stella Dicecca
Year    2020
Location    Altamura (IT)
Area     100 sqm
Phase Definitive Design
Design Team     Giacomo Garziano

In the historical heart of the Apulian city of Altamura, a piece of hidden history came to light.
Informed by the traditional yet innovative cheese making process of Dicecca’s family, we responded to the client brief by conceiving the space as a family portrait through the 4 different generations and expertise. By experiencing the sequence of the adjacent rooms, the customers and the visitors are brought onto a gastronomical journey through the family’s and the city’s history.
The predominant use of wood reflects the environmentally conscious approach of the client, who creates its products in great respect of the local flora and fauna involved in the production process. A fluid pattern, reminiscence of the most important chemical ingredient and process of the cheese production, the “caglio”, recurs over all the vertical surfaces of the interiors enveloping the users in a warm embrace. 

When a client, deeply passionate about his profession, offers you the chance to design his working environment, a naturally strong alchemy nurtures the creative process 
Giacomo Garziano - director at GG-loop