We love what we do,
Biophilia is a way of life!

Ready to make a difference?

Send your application to jobs@gg-loop.com with the following:

-CV: Showcase your professional experience and skills. Keep it real and make it interesting
-Portfolio (max 8MB): Knock our socks off with your outstanding projects that demonstrate your design prowess
-Motivation letter: let us know why you’re the perfect fit for GG-loop and why we won’t be able to resist hiring you


Biophilic Avenger

Experience: 3+ Years

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Professional skills and experience required

-computational designer (must!): you gotta be a wizard when it comes to computational design tools and techniques
-strong concept developer: we want your genius to conjure up mind-blowing projects that’ll leave people speechless
-tech innovator: embrace technology and bring innovative solutions to the table
-multidisciplinary superstar: think outside the box and collaborate across diverse disciplines.
-visualisation and technical nerd: wow our clients with your ability to bring extravaganzas to life and your solid technical foundation
-communicator: be a rockstar, able to articulate your ideas with flair and clarity
-all scales designer (three years experience): you have a proven track record in handling projects of all sizes, from the minute details to grand masterpieces
-sustainability virtuoso: we’re committed to a more caring and conscious future. Show us your passion for biophilic design
-sociable marvel: we love team players with a friendly and sociable vibe – bonus points if you’re a musical maestro

At GG-loop, you’ll gain invaluable insights and skills that will shape your career

-learn the entire creative process, from start to finish, gaining a holistic understanding of design
-combine creative intuitions with a scientific method, unlocking a powerful approach to problem-solving
-engage in diverse projects across all scales, from small objects to large-scale masterplans
-embrace versatility and break free from monotonous routines, expanding your horizons as a designer
-experience a dynamic learning environment that encourages exploration and personal growth


Architectural maverick intern

Experience: 4th+ year

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-Currently pursuing a degree in architecture or a related field.
-Passionate about computational design and its potential in shaping the future of architecture.
-Strong conceptual thinking skills with an ability to bring ideas to life through visualization.
-Proficiency in relevant software tools, such as Rhino, Grasshopper, and Adobe Creative Suite.
-Good communication skills and a collaborative mindset, ready to work as part of a team.
-Sustainable design mindset and a genuine interest in biophilic principles.

What GG-loop offers

-An informal and dynamic work environment that encourages learning and creativity.
-Exposure to a range of projects, from small-scale objects to large-scale masterplans.
-Mentorship from experienced professionals who will guide you throughout your internship.
-The opportunity to contribute to real-world architectural projects and make a meaningful impact.
-A chance to work with cutting-edge computational design tools and gain valuable skills for your future career.