is the architectural practice established 2014 in Amsterdam by

Giacomo Garziano.


GG-loop draws on an international network, deriving its strength from a focus on biophilic design and putting users first when responding to the design brief.

Projects range from product design to large scale urban planning and design for the real estate, retail, infrastructure and culture industries.

GG-loop’s design is informed by natural processes, mathematical systems and musical proportions.
Our design is conceived to be transformed over time, according to the evolving needs of the user.
As in Nature, it organically modifies, interacts and responds to its user or visitor thanks to biomimicry principles.


GG-loop believes that architecture, as a response to spatial demand, cannot merely be functional. Every space needs to tell a story, and serves as an extension of the user.

Our main goal in the design process is to create a unique question, based on the analysis of context, necessities, possibilities and constraints. This question will create a unique answer, that will create another unique question, that will create another unique answer, as in a loop.


After more than 10 years of design experience in Florence, Paris, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, GG-loop principal and founder Giacomo Garziano started his own practice aiming to create novel architecture with his biophilic approach.

Creativity, technical solutions and budget restraints are fed into the loop of the practice, after which an answer arrives that equally satisfies all design questions coherently, producing what Garziano called “noble architecture”. The studio’s first realized project, Gentle Genius, achieved global recognition and set the studio’s standard in conception and execution.

''I call architecture frozen music''

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

”Architecture and music have always been my main interests.
During my personal investigation of design approaches I came to realize how close these two forms of expression are.
Main concepts in one field, assume significant meaning within the other: form, structure, rhythm, tone and so on. Music, as
sequences of sound and silence, embodies my vision of Architecture: harmonic sequences of full and empty, closed volumes
and open spaces, light and shadow, evolving in a continuous loop.
Both fields have the capacity to stimulate all five senses in a Copernican way, the human being the center point.”

Giacomo Garziano



A visionary refurbishment by GG-loop turned an old house in Altamura into a place for the arts. Accommodations, multisensory events, exhibitions


Following up the first timber house, GG-loop focuses on sustainable housing developments

Elephants&VolcanoesArtist Collective
Amsterdam - NL

Through the dialogue between various disciplines we search for novel forms of artistic expression and experience for our audiences.