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Round glass steel table

Diatom is the first table of the modular furniture series designed by GG-loop, inspired by the relentlessly changing multitude of primary organic shapes, created through molecular growth processes. Inspired by the unicellular microscopic organism, Diatom’s frame is composed of extremely light elements forming a rigid and almost invisible structure.

Diatoms are unicellular organisms enclosed within a cell wall made of silica, displaying a wide diversity in form, usually bilaterally symmetrical. This imperfect symmetry, created when a diatom divides to produce two daughter cells, has inspired the ever changing look in the structure of the table.
The circular table has no front or back side, allowing an ever new experience of the piece when walking around it. The weight of the round glass top resting on the delicate diatomic cells creates a sculptural tension. When looking through the transparent surface the cells seem to float in the water like diatoms in their natural habitat.

Made by    GG-loop with Saverio Petronella
Location    Altamura (IT)
Size     Ø1500 x H770mm
Material     Steel/Glass
Phase     Completed
Design team    Giacomo Garziano, Daniele Colombati

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